A Selection of our services...

Training Services

We provide a unique training portal, which can be adapted to meet your company needs.

Recruitment Specialist

We have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your in-house cyber security recruitment needs.

Penetration Testing

We have certified professionals working around the clock to provide you with the best service.

Social Engineering Services

We think outside the box. We help you to identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Emergency Response

We provide an emergency response service. If you suspect you have been breached contact us now.

PCI-DSS Compliance Testing

We are an approved vendor to conduct and carry out PCI-DSS Compliance testing.

Of Web Application Tests

are vulnerable to attack.

Of Large Organisations

Reported suffering a security breach.

Of Executive Directors

are not involved in the review of cyber security risks.

Of Data Protection Breaches

are caused by human error.

Simplifying and demystifying the “dark art” of cyber safety. Making it clear, simple and easy to understand in the day-to-day running of your business

About us

Metrix Cloud

MetrixCloud Ltd is a group of like-minded cyber security professionals who are focused on using their expertise to make it safer to do business within cyber space. The team are dedicated to finding and highlighting potential breaches in security within their clients’ businesses. We have a full training division that can offer online, onsite and offsite training for all your employees and also a recruitment team that is dedicated to finding in-house cyber security experts for your business.

One of our experts is Jamie Woodruff who has championed himself on being one of the leading ethical hackers in the industry. Jamie has found vulnerabilities in well known applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Google and many more as well as helped build and co-ordinate new and innovative projects that could potentially change the technological world.

Jamie has been praised around the world for his work in penetration testing and ethical hacking. He is well known for speaking at high profile global conferences to many blue chips companies.

We believe that we should all think independently and not follow current trends and patterns. This behaviour in people often causes their weaknesses to be highlighted and exploited within our modern society.

Daily Threat Statistics


Websites Hacked Daily


Viruses Detected Per Day


Zero Days Detected


Brute Force Per Day


Simplifying and demystifying the “dark art” of cyber safety. Making it clear, simple and easy to understand in the day-to-day running of your business

Client Testimonials

  • Excellent skill set, helped us understand the risks throughout our business and impliment ways to mitigate that risk.

    Phill Nelson, Surf Snowdonia
  • Conducted numerous application tests, Excellent report structure and guidence throughout.

    Dan Raisbeck, The CyberSmile Foundation


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