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Jamie Woodruff 'hacked' Kim Kardashian – and he'll hack your company for a fee


Jamie Woodruff will hack your company. As an ‘ethical hacker’, trained in finding security weaknesses, Woodruff will be employed by companies to offer them insight into how strong their security is in - sometimes by dressing up as a pizza boy.

Woodruff works in ‘social engineering’, the art of manipulation for information. “People are much more susceptible through social engineering to attacks than in person.” Speaking to the audience at WIRED Security, he explained his processes for accessing our data, in whatever way needed, to outline weak links in company security.

MetrixCloud Presents at The European Information Security Summit


The European Information Security Summit 2017 (TEISS) is now the largest and most comprehensive cyber security summit in Europe from the portfolio of Business Reporter, the award winning supplement distributed with The Sunday Telegraph.

Now in its 6th year, and expanded in line with industry demand, we have parallel conferences across 21-22 February on culture and education, data and technology, and identity and access management – giving you three conferences in one, plus training, and the ability to build a bespoke agenda that suits your exact challenges and objectives. Join 450+ Information Security and Information Technology professionals to discuss the latest topics.

Jamie Woodruff speaks at Communitech Canada


After the lunch break, Jamie Woodruff had many of the same messages for attendees, particularly where employee training goes. Woodruff, one of the planet’s pre-eminent “ethical hackers,” helps companies discover their cyber vulnerabilities.

He led off the afternoon session with an entertaining – and frightening – discussion about the many ways people and companies leave themselves exposed to security breaches: Failing to ask for identification, failing to change passwords, failing to challenge why someone has gained access to a secure area, leave portals of weakness that are easily exploited.

NHS Ransomeware Attack


A large number of hospitals, GPs, and walk-in clinics across England have been locked down by a ransomware attack, reports suggest. There are also some reports of a ransomware attack hitting institutions in Portugal and Spain, with telecoms provider Telefonica apparently hit hard. Further attacks have been reported in Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Batten down the hatches: we might be in the middle of a global ransomware attack.

Multiple sources point to this ransomware attack being based on the EternalBlue vulnerability, which was discovered by the NSA but was leaked by a group calling itself Shadow Brokers last month. Update: Read our analysis of the Wanna Decryptor ransomware and its NSA-derived/Shadow Brokers provenance. -