Penetration Testing Services

            Social Engineering Services


MetrixCloud Ltd delivers tailored social engineering engagements, designed to help assist clients increase their security and reduce the risk of attacks.

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering covers a large multitude of different testing, ranging from services conducted through the phone, over the internet or physically on site. MetrixCloud Ltd believes that social engineering should be part of the conducted penetration testing; due to the fact all humans are involved in the security processes.

Social Engineering and Spear Phishing Services:

In 2012 the most high profiled security breach occurred, where people were targeted through spear phishing emails. Through clicking and opening links it was discovered that browsing to a website or opening an attachment provided a backdoor into an environment that allowed user exploitation.

Through conducting spear phishing attacks with MetrixCloud Ltd, as well as other social engineering tests, we can help give organisations a feel of where the vulnerabilities are so employees can learn how to compromise. In almost all instances employees will identify the weakest link in the security arsenal; feeding directly into security awareness training we can provide a direct mechanism for organisations to be able to tackle the vulnerability.

Although it can’t be guaranteed that all human element risks can be eradicated, with our targeted security training and social engineering we can help to reduce the risk of employees being exploited through malicious content.