Spreading the cyber security message …

MetrixCloud is a cyber security consultancy built on years of behavioural research and projects combined with the latest cyber security insights. We use our multi-disciplinary expertise to support organisations by securing systems, process/organisational design, learning & development and recruitment. 

And, most importantly, we spread the message that cyber security is a basic skill that enables you to be safe wherever you are.

Cyber Security in Numbers

People are your organisation’s weakest link.
90% of large organisations reported suffering a security breach.

84% percent of hackers use social engineering.

93% of data protection breaches are caused by human error.

75% of Executive Directors are not involved in the review of cyber security risks.

Cyber Security: Beyond IT & Antivirus Software

Using our PIP  Model, we categorise vulnerabilities into 3 areas: People, IT and Processes/Physical.

These vulnerabilities overlap and issues often involve employees. People represent your organisation’s weakest link when it comes to cyber security:

  • IT defences often depend on employees following protocols.
  • Employees can be manipulated and take risks.
  • Physical security and processes often rely on employee vigilance. 

MetrixCloud can provide you with a solution that considers ALL vulnerabilities. We do this by delivering testing, learning & consultancy AND recruitment services.

PIP Services

Behavioural Based Approach

Cyber security services designed to create an adaptive response to risk.


Web Application Testing
PCI-DSS Compliance Testing
Website Vulnerability Testing
Source Code Review
Social Engineering Services


MetrixCloud recognises ALL vulnerabilities. So, as well as testing your IT, we will look for vulnerabilities with your people, premises and processes.


Online Learning & Tools
Social Learning
Workshops & Webinars
Cyber Security Consultancy


MetrixCloud offers a comprehensive range of learning and consultancy services including our Cyber Security Behavioural Model.


Wide Remits
Executive Recruitment
Junior Recruitment
Certified Professionals
DV Cleared Individuals


MetrixCloud will help you find the people with the right skills and behaviours to keep your organisation secure.

Cyber Security Courses from £50

Volume discounts are available

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