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Jamie Woodruff speaks at Communitech Canada

SUMMARY What went down... After the lunch break, Jamie Woodruff had many of the same messages for attendees, particularly where employee training goes. Woodruff, one of the planet’s pre-eminent “ethical hackers,” helps companies discover their cyber vulnerabilities. He led off the afternoon session with an entertaining – and frightening – discussion about the many ways [...]

MetrixCloud Presents at The European Information Security Summit

SUMMARY What went down... Culture and Education session Uneducated staff are a major point of weakness for hackers. We help you build a training programme that works with your staff’s daily operations, and showcase the best way to get the Board on your side. Identity and Access management session Managing the identities of proliferating connected [...]

Jamie Woodruff ‘hacked’ Kim Kardashian – and he’ll hack your company for a fee

ETHICAL HACKING A quick guide... Jamie Woodruff will hack your company. As an ‘ethical hacker’, trained in finding security weaknesses, Woodruff will be employed by companies to offer them insight into how strong their security is in - sometimes by dressing up as a pizza boy. Woodruff works in ‘social engineering’, the art of manipulation [...]


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