Jamie Woodruff speaks at Communitech Canada


What went down…

After the lunch break, Jamie Woodruff had many of the same messages for attendees, particularly where employee training goes. Woodruff, one of the planet’s pre-eminent “ethical hackers,” helps companies discover their cyber vulnerabilities.

He led off the afternoon session with an entertaining – and frightening – discussion about the many ways people and companies leave themselves exposed to security breaches: Failing to ask for identification, failing to change passwords, failing to challenge why someone has gained access to a secure area, leave portals of weakness that are easily exploited. He said every business will suffer some kind of breach within the next five years.


“Training your employees. Making yourself educated. [That’s your} first line of defence. You can buy all the hardware in the world, it’s your employees [that matter].”

Woodruff astonished the audience by showing how much information he can gain just by listening to conversations and watching the routines of employees.



Jamie Woodruff

Technical Director

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer at Metrix Cloud LTD


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