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Interlocking learning approaches …

This learning portal provides you  with a one-stop shop for all things cyber security. It is built on 70:20:10 learning model. It captures 3 types of learning experiential, social and formal.

  • Learning support (knowledge-base).
  • Social Learning (groups, forums, video chat).
  • Courses made up of interactive lessons structured around our 5Es model (Engage > Explore > Expand > Exchange > Evaluate).

The courses that you are registered for can be found in Your Courses.

Programme Content

Covering the full array of cyber security …

The course content is categorised according to our PIP Model. So, in addition to the introductory course (CA) you will find courses on the different aspects of cyber security: People (CB), Information Technology (CC) and Processes/Physical (CD).

Whiteboard animated video explaining 70:20:10.

The Structure of the Portal

Everything within easy reach …

The Structure of a Lesson

The 5 Es …

We have put a lot of thought into the structure of our lessons. We have made them as flat as possible. So rather than having to navigate all over the site to get to extra resources, we have placed everything on one page. Just scroll down a lesson page to explore the 5 Es.

  • Engage Section: to provide you with an immediate understanding of the relevance of the lesson.
  • Explore Section: this is where you will find the learning topics.
  • Expand Section: a variety of downloadable resources that will jog your memory and allow you to apply the learning in the real-world.
  • Exchange Section: share ideas and insights with other learners.
  • Evaluate Section: quick quizzes will enable you to check whether you have understood the learning.

Animated video explaining the 5 Es lesson structure.


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