Helping you to find the people to keep your organisation secure…

We recognise ALL vulnerabilities as identified in our PIP model – people, IT and physical/processes. At the heart of this model is people and behaviours. Specifically, that your organisation is only as strong as the people you have employed and the behaviours that they exhibit.

Through our recruitment services, we can help you build robust teams that will ensure that your organisation is less vulnerable to attack. We can identify candidates from graduates through to executive levels. We can supply specialist cyber security roles and DV cleared individuals.



All Levels | Specialists | DV Cleared

Our Recruitment services are headed up by Louise Raphael who has worked within recruitment for over 19 years.

“We pride ourselves on the level of service that we offer to our clients and our success rate at placing the right fit of candidates into the right vacancy within the cyber security industry and beyond.”

We work with integrity and confidentiality throughout the whole recruitment process. Non Disclosure Agreements can be provided if the client feels it is appropriate. We are always upfront and extremely honest with our clients and it is imperative that clients are kept up to date throughout the recruitment process.

We have an extensive database of candidates ranging from graduate to executive levels and these include:

  • Information Security Consultants / Assessors
  • Penetration Testers
  • DLP Specialists
  • SOC Managers / Analysts
  • eDiscovery & Forensic Specialists
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals
  • Security Administrators
  • CISOs / Heads of Information Security
  • Security Architects / Engineers / Analysts
  • Information Risk Specialists
  • Data Protection Specialists
  • Incident Response Specialists

Cultural fit plays a crucial part in recruitment and all candidates are thoroughly screened and interviewed prior to being submitted to a client. References are taken by the client during the offer process.

In addition, we can provide a behavioural audit and role risk profiles to ensure that candidates are best placed to undertake the position.

We can provide you with Developed Vetting (DV) Cleared Individuals. DV is the most detailed and comprehensive form of security clearance in UK government. It is needed for posts that require individuals to have frequent and uncontrolled access to top secret assets or require any access to top secret codeword material. And for individuals who:

  • While not in such posts, will be in a position to directly or indirectly bring about the same degree of damage.
  • Require frequent and uncontrolled access to Category / nuclear material.
  • Require access to certain levels of classified material originating from another country or international organisation.

Recruitment lead times within cyber-security can take up to as long as one year from initial searches to the individual becoming effective within your business. A need to plan ahead is therefore key. At MetrixCloud, we offer a full consultancy service to advise on the best route to take when bringing your cyber security requirements in-house and to ensure you have the right professionals for the job.

Our Integrated Services

Testing highlights gaps in the organisation that recruitment can fill.
Learning & consultancy up-skills new recruits and employees plus supports organisational design.


Web Application Testing
PCI-DSS Compliance Testing
Website Vulnerability Testing
Source Code Review
Social Engineering Services


MetrixCloud recognises ALL vulnerabilities. So, as well as testing your IT, we will look for vulnerabilities with your people, premises and processes.


Online Learning & Tools
Social Learning
Workshops & Webinars
Cyber-security Consultancy


MetrixCloud offers a comprehensive range of learning and consultancy services including our Cyber-security Behavioural Model.


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